A Different Kind of Musician

Joshua Hyslop

Today I was listening to the Spotify Playlist Smart is the New Sexy and came across this song called “Do Not Let Me Go” by Joshua Hyslop. I was instantly enamored by his smooth, calming voice and unusually deep lyrics ( There are moments in this life when you can’t fake it./There are moments I would walk another road.
There was something in the broken way you said it/Singing, “Please, oh God, do not let me go.)

An attribute of this song that stuck out to me was his mentioning of God.  He did not seem to be a typical Christian singer with peppy music about how much he loves the Lord.  Rather, he questioned God’s very existence (“If you’re up there could you lift my heavy burden?/’Cause I cannot seem to make this on my own./Though I’m not sure you can hear me I’m still begging.)  I didn’t know what to think of Joshua,  so I looked up more of his songs and more about him.

From what I can tell, Joshua isn’t a Christian singer (ie his genre isn’t Christian).  I like that his lyrics to acknowledge God and also the doubt of His very existence.  His lyrics are incredibly raw and transparent, something I feel is lacking in most of the music I hear.  Although I don’t want to ever doubt God’s existence, I think it is important to recognize doubts we may have instead of blindly believing.  I think these doubts are crucial to faith, because faith is believing in something despite doubts or logical reasoning.

I strongly encourage everyone to check out Joshua Hyslop at joshuahyslop.com and see what this singer is all about.  His music makes me want to have a cup of coffee with him and talk.  His realness, vulnerability, and voice are qualities that doesn’t come along too often in mainstream music.


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