Be Your Own Advocate

Today I had a meeting for work and I was very reluctant to go. It was right in the middle of my day, and I needed to study. I went (of course) but was eager to get in and get out.

It’s amazing how awesome things happen when you don’t expect it. My work meeting, which was supposed to be a briefing on transitions my job is going through, turned into this major career coaching by my boss and overhead supervisor.

Basically, my supervisor told my coworkers and I that if we wanted to do any extra opportunities in research or learn new skills, all we had to do was ask. However, that was his main point. We had to ASK. He emphasized that no one was going to offer for these opportunities, rather we needed to step out and pursue these interests. He said that our request may not even be fulfilled the first time we ask, but that we would show our seriousness by (graciously) asking again.

My supervisor also gave some wise words about advancing our careers.  He told us (paraphrasing),” There are plenty of smart people who don’t make it far.  You don’t set yourself apart by being smart.  You do it by working hard and being willing to go the extra mile.”

photo from Tumblr

photo from Tumblr

His words resonated with me and made me think back to what one of my favorite high school teachers said.  “Be your own advocate.” No one is going to hand you something on a platter.  If you want something, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and ask.  This is something I am not skilled at, but after my work meeting, I think I will figure out exactly what I want out of the opportunities available to me and then begin to pursue them.

photo from Tumblr

photo from Tumblr

(Side note: I am currently sitting in the library, scarfing down my 50 cent ramen, while taking a quick study break to blog. I have my first final (Calc..dun…dun..dun) on Wednesday. Wish me luck!)

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