Summer Goals 2014


Read 10 books

As a child I was a bookworm, but as soon as high school began, I became too busy/too tired for recreational reading.  This continued in college.  I want to get back into reading, especially because I start my first uni college class in the fall semester!!

♥ Run 50 miles

Ever since the beginning of 2014, I have gotten into running for enjoyment (this is as probably more shocking to me than it is to you).  Yes, running for fun was something that I never could bring myself to do in high school, but I suddenly liked it in college.  Towards the end of the semester I didn’t get to run as much as I liked, so I’m setting this easy-medium goal in order to inspire me to put in the time to run.

♥ Save $$$

Since it’s the summer I will be working more hours, giving me more money to spend/save.  Some major things I am saving for include Nike shoes, a new pair of glasses, and a plane ticket to visit my best friend.

♥ Document

Over the years, I have not been the most consistent at documenting my life, whether through video, pictures, or words.  I don’t want to document to show off my life to others, but rather to remind myself of all the good times I will have had.

♥ Visit 2 New Beaches

I tend to be a homebody, but I think this will be the easiest and most enjoyable goal of my summer. Considering where I live, this should be a given.

What are some of your summer plans?

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