TFJ Fit Week 1- Healthy Eating

This summer my mom and I are resolving to have healthier lifestyles and lose weight along the way.  This is sometimes hard for me because I love snacks.  I figured that focusing each week on a specific goal will help me slowly become more healthier.



This week I am focusing on healthy eating.  I am competent at avoiding bad foods (for example: fast food, processed foods that can last forever, soda).  However, I tend to snack on not-nutritious food (meaning there is really no health benefit to eating them).  These foods include pita chips and hummus, muffins, cereal, and granola bars.  Most of my snack foods are high-calorie and aren’t exactly unhealthy, but when I eat them in large proportions, don’t really serve a purpose other than giving me something to do and satisfying my urge to eat.

This week I am going to focus on changing my snacks to healthier foods, so that my proportion size will not matter as much.  I will be trying to keep a daily food log on my tumblr happyfabfit if you want to check that out.  Hopefully by the end of the week I will have at least a few new recipes to share.


[first and third images from here, middle image from here]

♥ Weekly Goal- Eat healthy

  • focus on eating healthy snacks
  • keep a daily food log
  • find at least 3 healthy recipes/ideas for snacks and/or meals


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