Fight Like a Girl


Girls we can fight different, but equally important battles.

As girls we can fight different, but equally important, battles.

Recently I have been reading the book Fight Like a Girl by Lisa Bevere.  I did not really know what this book was about but I pulled it off my family’s bookshelf and realized this book was much more than an inspirational book.  Lisa Bevere writes about something I never hear spoken about- the role of women in the world.

There are MANY topics that Lisa addresses that are extremely important, but one point she often emphasizes is our worth as women and how we have our own unique roles, separate but equal to men.  She writes how many people look down on what women’s natural strengths, including the power of influence and nurturing of relationships.  She mentioned how many girls today mention how they would “much rather be friends with men” and openly share their distaste for their own gender.

I admit that I was one of the woman that fell into the lie that “anything a man can do, I can do better.” The truth is, I as a girl have my natural strengths that a boy doesn’t; similarly, men can do certain things much easier and better than women.  This is a fact, this is truth, and yet many continue to reject the idea that we were made for certain roles.

My own mistake was getting lost in the thought that I would reject having a family in favor of furthering my own career.  While I am sure their are some women who would be happy with this, I realized that this thought did not come from desire for my career, rather it came from the desire to prove myself as a woman in the workforce.   Now I realize that it is OKAY to want to stay at home, it is OKAY to enjoy the possibility of being a housewife, it is OKAY to not have a successful career.  It is not only OKAY, but it is EXCELLENT.

In this culture, many people think the most important thing in life is to be happy and successful.  They think that success is defined predominately by wealth, and therefore success is often defined by your salary from your chosen career.  Many people also think that the home life aspect to life (cooking, cleaning, raising children) is not a way to be successful or happy.  I definitely fell into this way of thinking.  However, now I realize that each part of life is EQUAL, and as women we should NOT BE ASHAMED to act on a desire for this home life (if this is what we want).

I find it sad that I gave into the lie that in order for my life to amount to much, I had to have a successful career.  I find it even more sad that many women will probably not be satisfied pursuing a career because their true desire in life is to stay at home.  The truth is that women’s innate strengths are just as valuable as men’s strengths, and society should treat it as so.

Now please believe me when I am saying that all women have this desire to stay home or it is wrong for women to work.  This is not the case.  However, I am challenging women to reevaluate their thoughts on the strengths of the female gender as a whole and question if they believe that the ONLY way for them to matter is to have a successful career.

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2 thoughts on “Fight Like a Girl

  1. Wow, I’m going to have to read this book!

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